Annual All-Star Roster Complete

The starting five are finally complete. Back in July, we published an All-Star roster of former interviewees from the Shady Sports Network YouTube channel. We followed the XFL model and kept you guessing who the last four offensive linemen would be. Finally, our offensive line is complete. 

LT Joe Kaleta 

LG Eugene Winkel

C Jordan McCray 

RG Zech Thomas

RT Joshua Davis

RT Joshua “Pancake Chef” Davis

Davis is a veteran bookend that knows the intricacies of playing the right side of the line. He has experience at both right guard and right tackle. With the SSN All-Star team, he will play right tackle, lining up against the youngest member of our offensive line. 

Davis may be a funny guy off the field, who loves to laugh and make those around him laugh, but when he steps foot on the field it’s all business. His nickname, Pancake Chef, comes from his propensity of putting defensive linemen on their backs. 

Having just helped his team, the Tri-City Rush, to an undefeated record and a championship victory, we knew he was the perfect member to bring in as the second member of our team. Pairing him with fellow Champion and current Birmingham Stallion Jordan McCray. 

Left Tackle Joe “Big Joe” Kaleta

The man known as Big Joe Kaleta, has experience in the NFL, AFL, YCF, and FCF. He has played under some of the most amazing coaches at each level he has played at. With experience indoors and outdoors it was no surprise to see him with the FCF in season 2.0. 

He is looking back to the outdoor game in 2023, which better suits his game. This 6’9 340 lb offensive lineman, is the perfect bookend to place opposite Joshua Davis. 

With veterans at both tackle spots and center, we feel we have a strong start to our offensive line. Arguably the most important unit at any level is the offensive line. Chemistry and cohesion are important. Starting with three veterans, communication shouldn’t be an issue. 

Right Guard Zech Thomas

Thomas is the youngest member of our offensive line. He slots in right next to center Jordan McCray, and Joshua Davis. Two very knowledgeable veterans, who can help him continue to develop. 

Thomas was a rookie in 2022 and brings yet another champion to our roster. Playing with the Northern Arizona Wranglers in 2022, he would win the IFL Championship in his first professional football season. The second-year right guard could eventually be the best member of this group long-term. 

Recently invited to the NFL Alumni Academy he will look to take his talents outdoors for the 2023 season. Thomas may have been undrafted by the NFL, but he was highly sought after by the IFL. 

Left Guard Eugene Winkel

Winkel is a two-way player who has lined up as both a nose tackle and a guard on offense. He will get to focus on the offensive line with our roster, and he will be plugged in at left guard. 

Winkel is a unique case of a player who jumped right into semi-pro Football from high school forgoing the college path most players take. He was able to work his way up to the IFL level but was released coming out of camp. 

He has signed with the Sioux City Bandits of the CIF for the 2023 season. At 6’6 340 lbs, the left side of our offensive line might be the biggest unit you’ve ever seen with a combined 680 lbs of mammoth offensive linemen on the left side between Winkel and Kaleta. We are also excited about the prospect of Kaleta teaching the younger Winkel. 

All-Star Team Now Complete

With the addition of our latest four offensive linemen, the Shady Sports Network All-Star team is now complete. Let us know what you think in the comments below. Did we build a solid offensive line to carry this team?

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