Fan Controlled Hoops: Everything we know (so far)

Fan Controlled Sports and Entertainment recently, announced their second league, Fan Controlled Hoops. The team at FCSE are behind the viral Fan Controlled Football, attracting millions of twitch viewers worldwide, and celebrity owners like Marshawn Lynch, Quavo, Bob Menery, Richard Sherman, Steve Aoki, The Bored Ape Yacht Club, Druski, and more.


-FCH will begin regular season play on February 7th, 2023. The season will last 4 weeks, and will be played on a fully interactive, LED court.

Where: All games will be played at Pullman Yards in Atlanta, Georgia. Tickets will be announced at a later date


-Baron Davis is the only confirmed owner so far. He will also serve as the leagues strategic advisor.

-FCH’s head coach for all 4 teams is Mike Bibby, a former NBA player.

-The director of scouting is Ryan Blake.


Fan Controlled Hoops will play 4v4, position-free basketball on a high school sized court, as opposed to the traditional 5v5 or street ball style 3v3, as seen in the 2020 Olympics.

-FCH will not have free throws, instead points and a new shot clock will be added to the team that did not commit the shooting foul.

-Quarters will be 10 minutes long, but the “Elam Ending” will be used.


-In FCH, Dunks and Alley Oops are worth 3 points.

-Logo shots are worth 4 points.

-Fans vote on a “hot spot” on the court every 2 minutes, shots from the hot spot are worth at least 3 points

-Fans also vote on a “hot player” every quarter. The hot players made baskets are worth 1 extra point.


-Games are played on weeknights, and drafts will take place each weekend.

-Fans draft 8 players to their team every week.


-Fan Controlled Hoops tryouts will be held alongside Fan Controlled Football tryouts.

-The tryouts will take place on October 29-30 in Los Angeles, November 12-13 in Houston, and January 7-8, 2023 in Atlanta.

More information about the league will be released in the months to come.

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