Ranking all the 2023 XFL uniforms

The XFL uniforms were revealed a while back to mixed reactions on ESPN, but now that we have seen every XFL uniform on the field, our opinions may have changed from the initial ESPN reveal. What team is looking the best in this exciting XFL season?

We have now seen each of XFL uniforms. How do they stack up?

8: Houston Roughnecks

Just to be clear, these don’t suck. They aren’t so horrible but they have the most problems. First and foremost is the helmet. It’s supposed to honor the Texas flag, which is cool enough, but the triple-colored design is just so bad. It has its potential, but it looks like more of a drawing than a real helmet a team would go out and wear on the field. The shoulder yolk is cool, and I actually like the gradient pants stripe. The gradient numbers are what shove these uniforms to the bottom, but they aren’t horrible.

7: Seattle Sea Dragons

The Sea Dragons had a better uniform in XFL 2020 in my opinion, as the orange becoming the main color just makes it feel too bright. On the field, the away uniforms are good, but they feel emptier in a way. The embedded pattern that fans hated in the initial reveal is hardly noticeable, which is a huge plus. The major blow is that they are almost too bright in a way. I wish they had gone with navy or green uniforms instead, but these aren’t horrible.

6: DC Defenders

These uniforms have virtually nothing to hate, as they are nice, clean, and simple XFL uniforms. The problem is that there is nothing to love about them either. The most unique part of these uniforms is that the helmet has a slight camouflage pattern, and there are stars near the arm stripes. However, these are pretty simple all-red or red-on-white uniforms, without much to hate or love, similar to XFL 2020.

5: Orlando Guardians

The Guardians’ uniforms are quite cool. The shoulders are executed quite well, the helmet isn’t horrible, and the pants look good. But the color scheme on the home uniform just isn’t great. The neon green has no contrast on the text and numbers, not even a grey outline. There isn’t any variation with the pants despite there being 2 separate pant options. The Guardians have work to do as a franchise, but they aren’t looking too shabby uniform-wise.

4: Arlington Renegades

The Renegades chose to use more of the powdery blue color this season as opposed to the more black heavy approach they had in 2020. This isn’t a bad thing off the bat. The home uniforms are amazing, as they are some of the best XFL uniforms out there. The away uniforms suffer from feeling too empty. The numbers are too bright on the away set, as virtually no black is present on that uniform. The away is what drags this set down because the home uniforms are sweet.

3: Vegas Vipers

The Vipers, if nothing else, have one of the cleanest looks in the league. The simplicity isn’t too simple, as shoulder stripes are present on the home and a shoulder yolk is present on the away. The fonts used are cool and unique, and the pants round out the set in a pretty nice fashion. The helmet is equally simple yet elegant. However, the Vipers are almost crossing the line of too simple, which deducts them some points.

2: San Antonio Brahmas

The San Antonio Brahmas have a pretty clean look. The gray and yellow are a great pairing. The away is also a color uniform, which is interesting. Both uniforms are pretty great looks with decently normal striping and shoulders, as well as a unique font. The shoulder stripes, which were seen as too big in the ESPN reveal, look pretty good on the field, which goes to show why we can’t rank all the XFL uniforms until you’ve seen them in action. The only real knock against these is the helmets. Not because they are bad, but rather a missed opportunity. I think the horns could’ve been put on the front similar to the Philadelphia Eagles helmets, but that’s a pretty minor nitpick.

1: St. Louis Battlehawks

When it comes to XFL uniforms, the Battlehawks have it all. Unique font, an awesome helmet, and relatively simple striping. It’s everything that could be asked of them. I appreciate the all-blue look, although that isn’t even forced to be the main home set. The Battlehawks have done everything right with their uniforms.

That just about wraps up my rankings. I think that many of these can be switched by the personal opinion of who is ranking them, as with any uniform ranking. The uniforms all looked better on the field than in the initial reveal process, which is a plus. Overall, this league is going to be looking awesome for the foreseeable future, and we are hyped about that.

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