Mike O’Shea Wins 87th Game Second Most All-Time for Winnipeg

Mike O’Shea is in his 9th season with the Winnipeg Blue Bombers, overseeing one of the most successful stretches we have ever seen in the CFL. Winning 87 games early in his 9th season, O’Shea has kicked the myth that first time head coaches can’t find sustained success. O’Shea had been a coach for just four seasons overseeing special teams for the Toronto Argonauts after just one year away from the game.

Since beginning his coaching career he has won three Grey Cups bringing his career total to six. He has been named Coach of the Year in back-to-back seasons and could be in line for another win in 2023 if his team continues to play like they have.

Building a Winnipeg Blue Bombers Dynasty

When you look up the definition of dynasty it reads: “In sports, a dynasty is a team or individual that dominates their sport or league for an extended length of time.” O’Shea currently holds a career record of 87-59 since taking over. That includes six straight seasons with 11 or more wins, a stretch that has seen the Blue Bombers put up a record of 70-34, over twice as many wins as losses.

Six straight playoff appearances, a 7-4 overall record, including three straight Grey Cup appearances, with back-to-back victories in 2019, and 2021. Mike O’Shea is not just one of the best coaches in Blue Bombers history. He might be one of the best coaches in the league ever, and he is only 52 years old.

Mike O’Shea Here to Stay

O’Shea signed a three year extension in December of 2022 after his third Grey Cup appearance in a row. He will remain in Winnipeg where he has built a winning culture and an atmosphere of accountability. Good luck to Coach O’Shea moving forward in his career.


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