The Stampede

The Stampede

The Stampede is the first show to be centered on all things Gillette Mustangs! Including player and coach interviews, in-season breakdowns and previews, as well as unique up to date coverage about the team.

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Team Details:

Formed: 2021

Sold: 2022

Owner: Steven Titus

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Show Name: The Stampede

Facebook Group: Mustang Country

Host: Stephen Foster

Bio: Stephen Foster is a current sponsor of the Billings Outlaws, and a fan of the Champions Indoor Football League. He also happens to root for the San Francisco 49ers. Stephen will also be hosting our Billings Outlaws show, Outlaw Nation.

First Let’s Talk About the Team:

The Gillette Mustangs were originally formed before the 2021 season as an expansion team for the Champions Indoor Football League. Originally owned by Pick Six Entertainment who seemingly tried to do too much too fast, local Lawyer Steven Titus purchased the team, as well as the Billings Outlaws.

Heading into the 2023 season the Mustangs led by head coach Cedric Walker are poised for a much better season. Having won just 5 games over their first two seasons, the Mustangs are hoping to top that total in 2023. With new quarterback Mike Pina Jr. on board to lead the offense after a stint in France in 2022.

The offense built around him is stacked full of play-makers with a group of wideouts that features Rashad “Rokket” Ridley, and Ka’Ronce Higgins. The Mustangs have their own version of “Smash and Dash” with Marcus Wilson, and Jaylen Jefferson teaming in the backfield.

On defense Cedric Walker has built this time in his image. Could this team flip their 3-7 record from last season?

The Stampede

The Stampede was formed because of a need for more coverage on the Champions Indoor Football League and it’s teams. In an effort to create shows covering the CIF, Shady Sports Network sought out super fans of teams within the league.

Thanks to this search, Stephen Foster was recommended by several fans, and people close to the team. Stephen originally was going to just run one show, but loves the CIF, and it’s teams so much, that he decided if one show was good, two would be even better.

So the Stampede was born. Join us for each and every episode right here as they premiere. Thank you for your support!

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