Custom Jersey Concepts

Fan Designs by Independent Artists

We in no way shape or form own any rights to any team logos, or jerseys. These are simply fan designs made by artists who love these teams. We have no intention to sell these designs. However these creators are open to hearing out teams that may be interested in design concepts for their teams of any and all levels.

Any comments featuring non-constructive criticism will be ignored or deleted. However, feedback of any kind is much appreciated as long as it is constructive.

Just scroll down on this page to see some of the custom jersey concepts independent contributor Jake H. has made, and feel free to provide feedback, following the guidelines set above.

(*NOTE: Black cleats on football uniforms simply designate that players wear different colored cleats of white, black, or team colors)

For Conceptober, a yearly concept showcase hosted by The Jersey Nerds, I started out my making a semi throwback look for the Denver Nuggets as an “Earned Edition”
This is a simple uniform concept for the Michigan State Spartans hockey team. The shiny helmet gives this a unique touch never before seen in my concepts
Just a quick little design for the Marlins I made. While the marlins belong in teal, I found that the Marlins haven’t got a truly exceptional black option for their uniforms, and since they aren’t a team to rely on classic uniforms, I felt that this was a nice and fun thing to make.
The Spartans may be Green and White, but these grey uniforms and this new design just work so well in my opinion.
I don’t know if this is a perfect uniform, but I think it uses the colors of the Diamondbacks very effectively and it’s a design I may come back to in the future

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