Indoor Football League: IFL

History of the IFL

The Indoor Football League was founded in 2008 in a merger of the Intense Football League, and United Indoor Football League. Launched in a time when the Arena Football League was slowly failing and ultimately cancelled their 2009 season leaving a void in the Indoor/Arena Football world that the IFL was able to capitalize on in their first season of play building a foundation for the league we see nearly two decades later.

Current Indoor Football League Alignment

The Indoor Football League currently holds 14 teams split in two divisions the East and the West. With well known legacy franchises from the AFL or AF2 like the Arizona Rattlers, Iowa Barnstrormers, Quad City Steamwheelers, Green Bay Blizzard and teams that have grown their legend in the IFL in the Frisco Fighters, Bay Area Panthers, Tucson Sugar Skulls, and Vegas Knighthawks. As well as transplants from other leagues such as the Duke City Gladiators, Massachusetts Pirates, and Sioux Falls Storm.

Recent Advancements in the IFL

Heading into the 2023 season it was announced the Indoor Football League had taken steps to continue it’s growth, and the growth of their players. Announcing a partnership with the newly relaunched XFL for 2023 and beyond, including a combine specifically for IFL players to try and catch the attention of XFL teams.

Sports Betting with Simple Bet

Sports Betting came to the IFL for the first time in 2023 courtesy of the newest partner for the Indoor Football League. Simple Bet will be handling the incorporation of sports betting in the IFL, all the way down to formulating the odds, and adding them to the broadcasts. This is a facet of football that has been missing in Indoor Football Leagues for years. What’s next Fantasy Football, and a video game? Perhaps a full fledged television contract?

Television Deal

Heading into the 2023 season the Indoor Football League announced a partnership with CBS Sports to broadcast their next three championship games 2023-2025, as well as Friday games in the future as well. This is the first television contract to date for the IFL, and it is a huge step for Indoor Football as a whole, given their hiatus from the public eye since the last collapse of the Arena Football League.

Effect on the Communities

The Indoor Football League and it’s teams have made a concerted effort to give back to the communities they reside in. Including offering kids football camps, food drives, and other events over the years in support of the cities these teams call home, the IFL is always looking to be involved.

The Indoor Football League is everything the AFL once was, but offers a league that focuses on the football on the field, and not the famous owners off of it. With well known players, and coaches scattered throughout the league, if you’re looking for a talent laden league offering the highest form of Indoor Football entertainment that the United States can offer the Indoor Football League is the league that has answered your call.

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West Division:

Arizona Rattlers

Bay Area Panthers

Tucson Sugar Skulls

Northern Arizona Wranglers

San Diego Strike Force

Duke City Gladiators

Vegas Knight Hawks

East Division:

Frisco Fighters

Massachusetts Pirates

Quad City Steamwheelers

Sioux Falls Storm

Green Bay Blizzard

Iowa Barnstormers

Tulsa Oilers






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Tom Falcinelli

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Founded 2008

First Season 2009