Upcoming Live Streams!

Here is a quick rundown of our upcoming live streams:

Sunday March 27th, LaCedric, and Ariel drop by for a 2 hour session discussing all the craziness in free agency so far:

Monday March 28th, Malik D. Selby Jr. joins me for the first episode of: The Shady Side of Football. We will be discussing a sickening situation that centered around two semi-pro football leagues run by someone who can only be described as a liar and a crook. Join us as we discuss the struggle players were put through in hopes of continuing their careers:

Friday April 1st, Running Back Shannon Brooks of the Indoor Football League will be joining me to tell a harrowing story about how he has fought through adversity, and depression to end up where he is at today. This will be another eye opener of an interview. Showing that Football players aren’t the emotionless humans we all hold them out to be. Football for these guys is life, so listen as Brooks discusses the toughest moments in his career, and how he came out the other side with a contract to play the sport he loves.

Tuesday April 5th Coach Tae Brooks will be joining me. Coach Brooks is currently employed by the Green Bay Blizzard where he is tasked with coaching DB’s and Special Teams. He previously was a part of the league champions in 2021 the Albany Empire. Coach Brooks is also a former player himself and we will definitely be touching on his playing career, as well as his motivation to get into coaching, and how he finds himself in Green Bay for the 2022 season. He was nice enough to join us midseason, and we will hopefully also be discussing how Green Bay won their most recent game!

Saturday April 9th LB Brooklyn Hardiman formerly of Colorado Mesa University, and Northern Arizona University where he studied Criminal Justice and Criminology in his pursuit of a Bachelor’s degree. Following his graduation Brooklyn decided it was time to dispense some justice, on the football field professionally before he turns to his degree later in life. With that being said Brooklyn finds himself working out and preparing for the event that he hears his name called in the CFL or NFL drafts.

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