Two Overrated QBs to watch a move in the NFL in 2022

Two Overrated QBs to watch for 2022 season

  1. Jalen Hurts

Jalen really struggled in his Sophomore season, despite a playoff birth and his usefulness in fantasy football. He fumbled 9 times, only losing 2, but also threw 9 interceptions to only 16 touchdowns in 15 starts. He ranked 19th in QBR. He ranked 22nd in overall rating. He ranked 28th in completion percentage. His accuracy and decision making are poor and the Eagles offense looks pedestrian when he’s not running for first downs. 

  1. Kirk Cousins

Kirk always puts up amazing stats and rarely turning the ball over, he seems to find a way to not be able to win over 8 games in a season, save for once in 2019. Team wins aren’t always the QB’s fault, but the media, fans, and owners seem to really put all emphasis on the QB. What former teammates have said is that he’s not a great leader, and he’s all about his stats, not winning. This puts him in line with being the Carmelo Anthony of the NFL.

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