Calling All Fan Controlled Football League Fans!!

I was able to obtain interviews with two players from the great game that was the Bored Ape Football Club versus the Glacier Boyz in week 4. First up is rookie phenom DB Qwan’tez Stiggers of the “Heavy Hitters” Defensive Squad. Stiggers has proven to be dominant at just 23 years old. Then next week, the man who nearly foiled a 4-0 record. The Iceman himself, Quarterback Chris Barrett!

In week 4 Stiggers added to his impressive stat line with a scoop and score leading to a touchdown that ultimately was the difference between the teams in the game. He now has 18 tackles, 1 tackle for a loss, 5 interceptions, 121 return yards, and 1 fumble recovery for a touchdown. He is a young DB to watch that has the requisite side, and speed to make it in many leagues at 6’0 198 lbs.

Then joining me on May 19th, a week from the Qwan’tez Stiggers interview, is the man who nearly led the comeback for the Glacier Boyz. Quarterback Chris Barrett joins me following his amazing performance. He led his team to two touchdown drives after entering the game with the score 28-6. By the time the game was over, they were one dropped pass away from a tie game as the clock struck double zeros.

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