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#FCF: Heading into July, Shady Sports Network is not slowing down on #FCFThursdays. In fact we are just heating up. On the schedule to close out the month of June is #FCF co-founder Patrick Dees, and Super Back Brycen Alleyne then the month of July will begin with WR/SB Harrison Dreher, followed by LB Max Davis, and last but not least WR Chris Robb! We have an action packed month of July Coming. Subscribe today to get weekly FCF content!

#USFL: I have a special guest that I am extremely excited about. I will not yet be announcing who this guest is. So you’ll have to subscribe today to find out as I drop hints in my other content leading up to the day. Don’t forget to subscribe and hit that bell! Check out my other USFL related content while you’re at it.

#XFL Running Back Christian Caviness will be joining the show to talk about one of the most intense journeys you have ever heard. Christian is a man who has been tested time and again and shown the world he refuses to back down to any challenge. EXACTLY the type of player we love to root for here at Shady Sports Network. Join us Sunday June 26th live on Twitch Link Below. Follow us on twitch for all the behind the scenes live interviews. Also look for the edited product on Youtube!

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