RB Brycen Alleyne #FCFThursdays Ep. 6

Brycen Alleyne is a Delaware Native guy who grew up bleeding green as a Philadelphia Eagles fan. This is fitting because his #NFL player comparison is none other than long-time #Eagles running back Darren Sproles. At 5’6 185 lbs, Alleyne is the same height and just 5 lbs lighter but possesses a nearly identical skillset.

Whether It’s as a runner, a receiver, a return man, or even blocking on the punt team he will do it all. Alleyne looks at himself as a running back and prefers that position due to the nature of it. He is more likely to touch the ball as a running back than a wide receiver which is a position many teams about ten years ago might have viewed him as strictly. Guys like Sproles and FCF owner Austin Eckler have changed that notion and shown they can be NFL starters.

With that being said Alleyne will look to the 2023 XFL Showcases to see if he can continue to climb the ladder that is the football world, as he chases his NFL dreams. One thing that I came away with from this interview, is whoever signs Alleyne, isn’t just getting a versatile player, they are getting a man who sees the field as a coach, and who has a strength and conditioning major. He is the complete package as an athlete. It’s only a matter of time before he makes it to the NFL.

I personally believe it starts in November with the XFL Draft. Where I expect to hear Brycen Alleyne called. We saw a man who came out of the #FCF in 2022 being drafted by the #USFL, and the now 9-1 New Jersey Generals. That man wound up taking home the MVP Award, and with it a lot of NFL attention heading into the 2022 season. Could Alleyne be the next FCF Superback/Wide Receiver to see his name called by an outdoor spring league in November? This writer definitely thinks so.

Check out the full interview below:

Interviewing Super Back Brycen Alleyne the 5’6 185 lb dynamo looks to the XFL in 2023 for his next opportunity.

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