Some Players Breed Winning…RB Marco Garcia is a Winner

Certain players seem to bring winning with them. Marco Garcia is one of those players. In the last five seasons of his football career, he has played in his league’s Championship game three times winning all three. That in itself is impressive, however, it’s even more impressive when you consider Garcia never played college football.

Making the Leap

Realizing the reality of his situation coming out of high school, Marco Garcia opted to jump right into the football world at the semi-professional level right out of high school. Many players avoid this route, but Garcia knew he needed to chase a paycheck, rather than obtain monumental debt just to play football at the college level.

Talent-wise, there is no doubt in my mind that Garcia could have played at the college level, but the reality is that life dictated other choices. Garcia is far from the only player that has had this happen. He will be far from the last at that. However, how many can say they haven’t allowed that to stop them from having a lengthy football career?

Garcia has already been playing football at the semi-pro or pro level since 2009. Meaning at this point he just completed season 14 of his post-high school playing career. This twelve-year stretch has now culminated in back-to-back championship victories for the veteran.

With a total of 8 Championship game appearances, he has won three rings, losing five. But in just 14 seasons of Professional football, he has just six seasons in which he didn’t reach the Championship game. On top of that, he has been a part of three undefeated seasons since 2018.

From Suit and Tie to Pads and a Helmet

Despite chasing his football dream, Marco of course still must earn a living outside of a sport he only plays for a small portion of the calendar year. With that being said, your next investment might be made with Marco. That’s right Marco is an investment advisor with Epic Trust Financial Group.

Monday through Friday he is out there trying to help make his investors’ money. On weekends he suits up and goes to battle with his teammates, and at times, even takes over the game.

What’s Next?

With 14 seasons under his belt already, Garcia is just now nearing his 30s and looking to continue to play the game he loves for many more years. But when he does ultimately step away from playing, he certainly has a future as a coach if he wants it. However, I think we could see Garcia play another 3-5 seasons and maybe even more. All the while making his daughter proud along the way.

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