MLFB is Finally About To Kickoff Soon

Hello sports fans, football lovers and spring league fans. I am Desmond but in the online world I prefer to be called versatile. My entire name here, is simply because I couldn’t use versatile because it was taken. Lol

Anyway fast forward to what brings us to today. MLFB Now that the USFL season has officially wind down. I have now been getting a closer look into this league. I for one thought this league would never get off the ground but I was wrong. They have a very good model idea and any spring Football fan should embrace this new startup league.

It has differences and we are about to cover all of them. So once the season starts in Aug. There will be no confusion as initially it will be a 2 game season with a championship so to speak to get the product out and their feet wet😀.

MLFB Opens Training Camp

MLFB 2023 August Mini Kickoff Schedule

Facts about MLFB: Major League Football is a publicly traded company meaning anyone can purchase stock. Their mission is to give the opportunity to football players, coaches, trainers and front office personnel. The best training and guidance possible. Then through our original broadcasts, give those participants exposure to the NFL and others so they can advance to their potential.

As you see from the images and social media talk with twitter and Facebook groups. The cleats in the grass campaign is about to take center stage. While there are only 4 teams to start the league; they are: Virginia, Ohio, Arkansas and Alabama. All four teams will play at their own stadiums which gives fans the opportunity to see their home team in action.

A stel up from the USFL hub model Although successful the hub format made filling stadium seats difficult and it showed on tv which was not a good look at times. This format of every stadium being used should makes fans happy they can actually watch a game.

This season will be short lived as it’s like a mini season just to get the product on the field and see how everything comes together. Well bring on more football is all I say! We look forward to a new relationship with the MLFB as they look to finally have it together.

Will they compete against the USFL, or XFL or even the other new leagues such as UFL or FCF? Who knows but one thing is for certain. The MLFB is Finally open for business as training camp got underway today 7/18/2022

From MLFB Front Office: Players will come from a number of areas. We will sign NFL players that were drafted and undrafted players who were not signed, former NFL players and college players and practice roster players, as well as CFL, AAF, XFL, Arena, USFL and college players.

Wow a big selection of players if you ask me.

Aug, 9 Is kickoff for a new beginning with this league. Although it won’t be a complete first season. It will give us an preseason to the league kinda feel for next season kickoff in 2023. And oh yeah it will be 8 teams and not 4. The 4 currently at camp are your core teams. These stadiums will be your hub cities and stadiums for 2023. Now as far as 2022 these 4 will give us a month of football with a mini championship in Sept (labor day wknd)

It may seem weird because it has taken over 3 attempts to get MLFB off the ground. This summer was nothing but twitter posts and made many believe including myself that this new league owners were fraud. 😔 I am finally convinced through their website, twitter and investors. It’s a real league and about to be on your TV or Mobile phone Aug, 9! Go MLFB I am ready to cover and learn about this league. I hope you find many fans and this league takes off. I’m here for the ride. Go MLFB


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