Offensive Lineman “Big” Joe Kaleta

Offensive Lineman Joe Kaleta has had an interesting career since leaving college. Including stops with the NFL, AFL, IFL, and most recently the Fan Controlled Football League. The man known as Big Joe stands 6’9 340 lbs and definitely falls under the buzz term of “dancing bear”.

Kaleta moves unbelievably well given his relative size. He points to his ability to bend and get under a defender as something he is working on to improve per coaches recommendations. However, if you’re looking for a road grader in the run game, and a guy who can stand up to defensive ends as well. He is exactly the type of guy you want manning one of your tackle positions when building a roster.

Veteran offensive linemen that know their role, and what is being asked of them are nearly invaluable. Keep in mind he is also a guy that can play some defense, and add value on special teams. One facet of the game I think he would be tremendously valuable would be on, is on the special teams. Specifically on the field goal units. Imagine his 6’9 frame right in the center of the defense like he used to be, trying to smash the center and get his hands up like he talks about in the interview.

Bring Big Joe into camp and you certainly won’t be disappointed.

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