8 Candidates For Breakers Head Coach

The New Orleans Breakers made the playoffs in 2022. Despite this fact they have watched their head coach step away, and lost their defensive line coach, and defensive line coach Paul Spicer. With that being said I give you 8 potential candidates for the USFL to consider when looking for a replacement.

2 thoughts on “8 Candidates For Breakers Head Coach

  1. As a fan of the NFL’s Houston Texans, I think their head coach from last season, “David Culley,” would be a good head coach at the new USFL level of football.
    I don’t think it is fair how David Culley was treated by GM Nick Caserio and the organization. Yes the Texans only won four games but that was quite an accomplishment considering what he had to work with. Their Qb Davis Mills got better the last part of the season, thus he got the nod to be the starting Qb this season. The team improved as a whole. David Culley made some head scratching decisions early last season but he got better and the team started competing and doing so against some good teams. Them beating the Chargers was a big win.

    If I could get ahold of the heads of the new USFL, I would suggest they give David Culley a fair chance.

    I know I mentioned star power but I think Culley would be a good hire. Most of you probably don’t agree and that in part would be because he does not add star power to the league but I think David Culley would quickly make a name for himself if given the chance!

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