Denver Broncos Admit Mistakes Hire Game Management Advisor

Just three weeks into the 2022 NFL Season the Denver Broncos and first year head coach have sought out help. The Broncos have hired 66 year old Jerry Rosburg as a senior assistant. Reportedly to help with game management.

Who is Jerry Rosburg?

Jerry Rosburg is a 66 year old coach who has been retired since the end of the 2018 season. He last served as the special teams coordinator and assistant head coach for the Baltimore Ravens. He spent 11 seasons in Baltimore serving under John Harbaugh where he won a Super Bowl.

Before his decade long stay in Baltimore he made a name for himself at Boston College coaching the secondary back in 1997. In 1999 he was hired by Notre Dame to serve as their cornerbacks coach and special teams coordinator. After just two seasons with the Fighting Irish, Rosburg moved up to the NFL level with the Cleveland Browns.

He would hold this role for six seasons in Cleveland. Outlasting the head coach that hired him, Butch Davis who was let go in 2004. In came Romeo Crennel, who would serve as the head coach the rest of his time in Ohio. In 2007 he was hired as the special teams coordinator for the Atlanta Falcons. He would last just one season in Atlanta after being hired by Bobby Petrino who stepped down following the 2007 season.

Victory Over 49ers Shows Rosburg’s Influence

This Sunday’s 11-10 victory over the 49ers was either the ugliest win you’ve ever seen OR the most sound job of coaching decision making you’ve ever seen. Perspective changes everything. In week one Hackett was criticized heavily for his decision making in a one point loss to the Seahawks. Now following a win that saw him opt to error on the side of caution with ten punts, he deserves recognition for winning with Football IQ.

Rosburg helped John Harbaugh with game management decisions during his stint with Baltimore. Its no coincidence that the Ravens have been among the best in the league when it comes to game management during John Harbaugh’s time as head coach. What I like about this move, is the fact that the Broncos are standing pat, hoping the issues correct themselves over time. They understand they have a first time head coach, who can be great, if they give him the correct surrounding cast, and don’t overwhelm him with tasks. This hire should prove crucial going forward.

What Role Will he Serve?

Rosburg has been a coach for 25 years. He’s seen the highest of highs, and lowest of lows. He will serve as a steadying presence, and a defacto game management advisor. I’m not sure exactly where his voice falls in the chain of command, but it sure seemed like his voice was heard on Sunday against the 49ers.

Essentially Rosburg is being hired to intervene when first time head coach Nathaniel Hackett makes questionable decisions. With Hackett stating, sometimes on fourth down he can try and be too aggressive, something Rosburg has been brought in to prevent when needed.

Perhaps if Rosburg was hired three weeks ago we never see a 60+ yard field goal attempt in week one. After three weeks the Broncos are 2-1, and believe Rosburg’s influence will help them build momentum following back to back wins. It should be interesting to see if it’s obvious in future weeks how much of an influence Rosburg has on this staff.

Should Fans Be Worried?

Fans in Denver have a mindset that it is Super Bowls or bust every season. This is what led John Elway to pursue Peyton Manning despite Tim Tebow being on the roster. This is what led them to acquire Russel Wilson this off-season. They essentially went all in on 2022. However, one thing they did not do, was play their starters in the preseason. This is a big reason why we see miscommunications, over throws, and timing issues in the passing game between Wilson and his receivers.

Does this mean the Broncos are doomed??? Absolutely not. In fact fans should be encouraged. It’s a 17 game season, and the Broncos are being aggressive when it comes to addressing issues that could prevent them from competing for a Super Bowl. After the first three weeks of the season the Broncos find themselves 2-1 having lost week one by just one point. In my opinion, fans should understand, the best of the Broncos…is yet to come.

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