Will Drew Powell Return to the Rattlers for 2023?

Drew Powell is a three time Indoor Football League MVP. Winning the award in 2018, 2021 and 2022. Powell (27) was signed by the Edmonton Elks in late August but was already released less than two weeks later. This also isn’t his first stint in the CFL. Could we see Powell playing outdoors in 2023?

More Options Than Ever

Powell is one of the higher profile names on the market right now when it comes to spring football quarterbacks. With the USFL, XFL, FCF, ELF, MLFB, and IFL all looking for players to build out your quarterback class for 2023, I expect it to be a virtual game of musical chairs at the quarterback position. 

There’s a good chance that the CFL, wasn’t the only league that took notice of his performance the last two seasons. At 27 years old he isn’t too old to bring in and know you have a future with him. He also isn’t too young that you worry about giving him a chance to start. He could be the ‘Ben Holmes’ of the 2023 spring football leagues class whether as a draft pick or free agent. 

What Better Way To Build a Team?

How often do you have the ability to build your team around a three time league MVP at quarterback in any league? Let alone when you’re building a team from scratch like the XFL will be in 2023. It wouldn’t shock me in the slightest to see his name on a XFL, or USFL roster in 2023. 

I’m willing to bet Kevin Guy has already laid out his best sales pitch to bring him back but every quarterback wants to play outdoors. Which is what makes this 2023 IFL Offseason is so interesting. The IFL is the single largest pool of football players looking to move up to the outdoor game. Rookies, and veterans alike turned to the XFL showcases in 2023. 

The only question at this point is, if Drew Powell was returning to the IFL…why hasn’t he signed a contract yet? It’s not as if it would prevent him from pursuing other avenues in outdoor leagues. This leads me to believe his sights are set on the outdoor game in 2023. 

Stocked Toolbox for Powell

Drew Powell is one of the most mobile quarterbacks in the IFL. Averaging the second highest per carry average of anyone in the league with at least 50 carries. Averaging 5.6 yards per carry on 132 attempts MVPowell as the Snake Pit calls him, also ran in 27 touchdowns on the ground. This is good for fourth in the league. 

In terms of passing, again you see Powell at the top of the leaderboards. In completion rate he was second behind only Tj Edwards, who attempted nearly half as many passes. He also led the league in passing yards by nearly 300 yards, and led the league with 53 passing touchdowns. Powell has produced and insane 160 touchdowns over just two seasons. 

Make or Break Season for Aging Veterans

Truly the 2023 season is a year of opportunity but for veterans it also presents a crossroads for aging veterans. Guys nearing 30 years old who miss the opportunity in 2023 to make the leap might need to realize their career belongs at the Indoor Football League level going forward. Ultimately Powell has a year or two in this process before he has to ask himself that question. However even he knows with the XFL building teams from scratch this might be his best chance. 

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