Fantasy Face Off: Mahomes VS Brady, Week 4

Here it is! Tom Brady and his Buccaneers will face a hungry Patrick Mahomes and his Chiefs in week 4. If you have had the luxury of having these guys in previous fantasy leagues and years, you KNEW you were set.

Last season alone, these guys put up a combined 758 fan points, separated by only 10 fantasy points for the season. So here we are, 3 games in and our goats are out here playing <20 point games (with the exception of Week 1 where Mahomes put up 34 points against the Cardinals).

So who is coming out on top in Week 4?

We have Tom Brady, playing at home, Mike Evans is back from his one game suspension, and the Bucs are eager to bring some hope to Tampa this week. On the other hand, we have Patrick Mahomes, just as eager to bring some fire back after a loss last week against Indianapolis. He’s young, he’s mobile, and he’s just good there’s no arguing that, but can he get through this amped up Bucs defense? They have only allowed 27 points for the season and racked up 11 sacks thus far, and put up the points?


My thoughts for week 4, this one is tough, but in the end I’m giving the edge to Patrick Mahomes to outscore Tom Brady in Fantasy points. In the last 3 weeks Patrick Mahomes has out scored Brady every week. In the first two weeks his fan points were nearly double that of Brady, scoring 34 against the Arizona Cardinals and 18 against the Los Angeles Chargers, to Tom Brady’s 11 against the Dallas Cowboys and 9 against the New Orleans Saints.

Sound off with your pick below!

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