Speaking With New Jersey Generals O.C. Steve Smith

In this episode we talk to the offensive coordinator of the New Jersey Generals Steve Smith. Smith has spent the last 20+ seasons coaching in many different leagues. Including stops in the college ranks, AF2, AFL, NFL Europe, XFL 2020, The Spring League, and now the USFL.

He was one of the key components to helping head coach Mike Riley build one of the best teams in the league. With Names like Kavontae Turpin, DeAndre Johnson, Luis Perez, and Darius Victor…this roster was stacked with stars from spring leagues of the past. Leaning heavily on his experience with some of these players in the TSL, and XFL in 2020, the Generals ended up with a well rounded squad that rattled off 9 wins straight.

Join us as we talk about his career leading up to the USFL, his experience coaching indoor and outdoor football alternative football leagues, as well as his time coaching on the Dallas Cowboys under Bill Parcells. We also wrap up by talking about his aspirations for running his own USFL team, and helping to build a legacy in the USFL for many decades to come.

With coaches like this in the league, it is no wonder so many players were able to get NFL interest after season one. Including the biggest name of them all Kavontae Turpin, who is now playing for the team Smith once spent four seasons with.

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