Discussing the XFL Logos

The XFL made us wait all the way until Halloween to get their logos. Finally we have the new team names, logos and color schemes, of our 8 XFL squads for the 2023 season. Just over two weeks before the draft.

Battlehawks are Back!! 

My favorite team from the 2020 version of the XFL is back. I love that they didn’t alter the logo much if at all from the original version. Kawkaw is the law in St. Louis! Fans in St. Louis should be thrilled that professional football is back once again and ready to rekindle the love the city had for the XFL in 2020. 

DC Defenders Remain

Another 2020 team returns with the same colors, but their logo has been tweaked to give it a different look. I’m going to come right out and say that I like it. I saw no issue with the 2020 logo but the new logo certainly doesn’t stray too far from the 2020 brand. Smart move by the 2023 ownership group to try and bring back the fan support these teams had in 2020 by playing on the nostalgia with these first two logos. 

Vegas Vipers

Rebranded for a new city it appears the color scheme has changed. And the 2020 version of this logo green was a heavy Focus for the team. In the new iteration now based out of Vegas, the logo remains almost identical albeit with red as the primary color this time around. Once again, I like the fact that they are trying to play on the nostalgia of the 2020 version of the league. I thought it was a very interesting decision to relocate the Vipers franchise to Vegas. Rather than playing on the fans in the Florida area by keeping them in Orlando.

Orlando Guardians

This is another one of the logos that got tweaked due to a relocation. Formerly the New York guardians, with a heavy focus on blue in their color scheme we now find them in Orlando of all places. The color scheme has also been changed just slightly. This is where the ties to the Viper franchise of Tampa Bay. Green is a heavy focus, and I particularly like the color scheme change for this logo. I feel it fits quite well, and I am extremely excited to see the uniforms they come out with.

2020 Logos:

Houston Roughnecks

The Roughnecks are back once again. In an effort to modernize this logo, in my opinion, they tried to fix something that wasn’t broken. I liked the original logo, and I think the new iteration isn’t as crisp. Again this is just my opinion. If the original was not available for comparison there is a high likelihood I don’t see anything wrong with the logo at all. Houston fans should be excited their team is back and nearly untouched at that. 

Arlington Renegades 

I love the Renegades’ new logo. I love that they kept the original logo involved but also released another alternate. The Renegade ‘R’ looks very well done in my opinion. Simple, but effective. I think the XFL knocked it out of the park on this one, and I’m excited to see how they set up the uniforms. 

Now for two of the franchises that got the biggest makeovers:

Seattle Sea Dragons 

The Seattle Franchise in 2020 went by the Dragons but has been renamed the Sea Dragons for 2023. The XFL officials wanted to depart slightly from the 2020 version of the league and this is just an indication of how much they intended to do so. In most people’s opinions, there was nothing wrong with the Dragons’ organization as it sat before. Which has led to criticisms about the new logo, and name. The new logo is quite the departure from the old logo, and easily the worst of the bunch. I am fine with the name change but it needed to come correct, with a logo to match, and this logo to me just doesn’t hit the mark. 

 Last but far from least is the new name of the group. 

San Antonio Brahmas 

The Brahma is one of two different things depending on whom you ask. Either it’s a breed of chicken or the Creator God in Hinduism. This is a fitting nickname to hold given their obvious ties to the heart of new owner Dwayne Johnson. Johnson has a tattoo of Brahma on his right shoulder that has been changed and modified over the years but the message remained the same. To Johnson, it’s a symbol of strength, resilience, heart, power, and defiance. All things that fit well with the mantra the XFL is trying to create. The logo needed to be strong to convey this message and I believe they hit the mark here once again. The bull’s head looks to be made of lightning bolts, giving the entire silhouette of a bull the strength, and edge it needed for the 2023 logo. 

Final Words

Honestly, whether I am a fan of every logo or not, I am still going to support the XFL. Watching every game, and doing my best to purchase some of the new gear they just rolled out. If you’re a fan of football, whether it is the NFL, XFL, USFL, CFL, or indoor football, you should be supporting all of these leagues. Providing more opportunities for players, coaches, and fans to create a new experience with a team they got to watch from the beginning of their history.

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