Prime Cuts of Omaha Beef Ep. 1 With DE/LB Rickey Neal Jr.

Welcome to the official podcast of the Omaha Beef. Playing in the Champions Indoor Football League, the Beef are going on their 23rd year of existence in 2023. Winners of the CIF Championship in 2021, the Beef are working toward repeating that success in 2023.

A large part of how many wins the Beef will be able to compile in 2023 will depend on our guest for our very first episode. Ricky Neal Jr. is a dynamic pass rusher, with the speed, and power to dominate opposing offensive lines. The versatility he brings to the Beef will make life easier on Coach Pimmel and his staff this season.

At 6’2 240 pounds, Neal is no stranger to standing up as a linebacker or lining up with his hand in the dirt as a true defensive end. No matter where he lines up on any given play, the offense will have to key on him to keep their quarterback upright, if they want any hope of keeping the game close.

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