Let’s Talk National Arena League With Zach Keilman

In this episode Shady Sports Network is joined by well known podcast host, and ALT football writer Zach Keilman. Zach has built a name for himself in the media world for two of his podcasts; Inside the Walls, and The USFL Podcast, two of the premier podcasts covering these leagues on the market today. He is also a writer for the USFLnewsroom family of websites.

Tonight Zach and I have a lot to unpack after a busy NAL off-season.


With the USFL, and XFL vying for players, the NAL watched some of their biggest names leave for these outdoor leagues. We will discuss who was drafted or signed from the National Arena League, how they fit with their new teams, and what impact we expect from these players.

Can anyone beat Albany? The Empire have won back-to-back National Arena League Championships in 2021 and 2022. However they also won the Arena Football League Championship in 2019 prior to the Covid Cancelled 2020 season. With three championship victories in their last three seasons, and four playoff appearances since their innaggural season, can anyone knock Albany off their thrown??

NAL Free Agency is in full effect, with teams quickly filling rosters. Who are the winners of the off season so far who lost the free agency race this year?

Fayetteville Mustangs are new to the league for the 2023 season. How will they fair as an expansion team built from the ground up?

The long awaited return of the nets! The Arena Football Game is unique due to several factors and one factor that sets itself apart from any other version of football is the nets. This aspect of the Arena game, can create so much more excitement within the game that otherwise wouldn’t be there. We discuss the impact of the nets returning.

Last but not least…is the Arena Football League trending toward a return in 2024? We discuss the recent movement on the AFL front, and the potential that we see another yet reformed football league launched in 2024.

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