XFL Jerseys Ranked Worst to First

#8 St. Louis Battlehawks

The Battlehawks jerseys in my opinion are the worst of the XFL looks so far. This looks like a Colts rip off which is shocking to me. The Colts NFL jerseys look very old, in my opinion, and needed to be modernized. Yet here we are with another league essentially copying the look and using it for their own. I am not a fan of these jerseys which is too bad. The Battlehawks were the team I followed in 2020 and I intend to be a fan once again. The 2020 jerseys looked way better than the current ones, and I’m honestly blown away by the lack of imagination for the league afforded St. Louis. Between the Aj McAaron selection, and the jerseys…I am not encouraged so far.

#7 Houston Roughnecks

I was a bigger fan of the 2020 logo and Jersey combo than I am of the newest versions. I don’t think these jerseys are bad, but much like I said about the logos…the XFL tried to fix what wasn’t broken. To me, jerseys are the hardest part of beginning a league. Given that you’re the new league on the market, the tendency is to attract attention by attempting to be more modern than previous leagues. We can see shades of this in all the XFL jerseys. There is always a tightrope to walk on whether or not the color combinations will be received well. While Roughnecks fans seem torn on this jersey my opinion is fairly clear-cut. I would have preferred a reboot instead of a complete redesign for Houston.

#6 DC Defenders

Honestly I see nothing wrong with these jerseys. Given that the Defenders were another 2020 team, the league seemingly tastefully altered the 2020 uniforms. The main takeaway for me from these jerseys is the fact that when 2020 fans watch the 2023 game, they immediately will know that these uniforms represent the DC Defenders even if they’ve lived under a rock during the entire league relaunch. They look so similar to the 2020 jerseys I honestly love this decision. Playing on the nostalgia built around the league from 2020 is key to the success of the XFL 3.0.

#5 Seattle Sea Dragons

These jerseys in my mind are extremely bold. Anytime you pick bright orange as your main color it’s going to be a hit-or-miss affair. Well XFL fans, I believe they hit on this look. I love the Orange and Green color combination. I like that Orange is the dominant color on the home jerseys. I’m excited to see these on the field in action. I truly believe these are some of the better new uniforms from a start-up league I’ve seen in a long time. These make me think of the U. Miami has always used orange as its predominant color, and has looked good doing it. I strongly approve of these jerseys.

#4 Orlando Guardians

The Guardians as a franchise have been through quite the transition. In 2020 they were based in New York. However you save money, and moderate costs, the XFL chose to instead use Orlando as their destination. While many fans still say this franchise should have been the Vipers, the more I hear Vegas Vipers the more I love the ring to it. With that out of the way, they determined the Guardians made sense to put in Orlando. Given their status as a “relocated” team, the logo, and uniforms needed to stand apart from the 2020 version. So the XFL set out to alter but not ruin the Guardians look we all loved in 2020. Replacing the previous blue is a lime green. Another bold color choice is given its prominence in the jerseys. A color that many fans believe is a hit or miss often times lands as a miss. This jersey in my opinion did a solid job of incorporating the colors without letting them take over the look. The combination of forest green and neon green is an interesting choice but ultimately when I look at these uniforms they look very at home in the XFL in my opinion. Just bold enough to make some waves.

#3 San Antonio Brahmas

I have to be honest when the team name for San Antonio was released the football world was thrown for a loop. With that being said the league needed to make a statement with the logo, and uniforms. Consider those boxes checked. The logo is very modern, essentially a longhorn steer skull formed by lightning bolts the logo looks powerful, and reflects strength and energy not all that different from the Rock himself. The jerseys did the same thing. They fit the logo well, they look modern but not too over the top. The “cracked horn” texture in the numbers is absolute fire, and the small details are really where the XFL knocked it out of the park. San Antonio could easily have been the top look on this list.

#2 Arlington Renegades

This was an extremely tough choice between #1 and #2. Ultimately I settled on the Renegades at number 2. The Arlington squad got a refresh of the Dallas Renegades jerseys from 2020. The colors are ever so slightly tweaked so the jerseys aren’t identical. The nostalgia factor is firmly intact and once again fans from 2020 will have no issue identifying their team. The theme here was simple, and professional. Both marks were hit perfectly in this regard. I am a huge fan of their new logo and uniforms, but most of all I’m highly encouraged by their roster. The Renegades are set up to compete with a roster built on Alternative League veterans like Kyle Sloter, Sal Cannella from the USFL, and former XFL players alike.

#1 Vegas Vipers

Let me just start this by saying I hate snakes, so I naturally had a slight bias against this jersey. The problem is, the XFL knocked this one out of the park, and rumors are the ball is still flying. This is such an amazingly tough look for their home jerseys. The black-on-black look is a natural fit for Vegas and their coach who has always been regarded as one of the toughest players of his era. With a roster built on veterans like Luis Perez, Martavis Bryant, and Vic Beasley this could be the best roster in the league. It certainly wouldn’t hurt their chances if the rumors of Bryan Scott landing in Vegas are true.


There you have it! All 8 XFL jerseys from worst to first! We want to hear your thoughts on these jerseys! Let us know your rankings in the comments below!!

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