Snowman in the Morning with Cole Johnson

Please remember to join us EVERY Weekday at 8 am ET, for 3 hours of sports talk. With almost no limits, and definitely no filter, this morning show brings a vibe most simply can’t. If you like sports, but want some humor, and fun mixed in, this is the show for you.

Snowman in the Morning is a product of Snowman Digital Media, run and produced by Brian Snow and Cole Johnson. We have been working together to produce content for almost a year at this point. Taking our partnership to the next level was always a possibility for the future. Now it has happened!

With that being said Snowman in the Morning is now also being broadcast to Shady Sports Network as well! We are very proud to add this amazing show to our lineup, and continue providing you with unprecedented sports coverage from Morning, to Night.

Also check out the Brian Snow Show this afternoon!

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