Should the Detroit Lions go after Bobby Wagner and Jalen Ramsey this 2023 offseason?

Detroit Lions

The Detroit Lions are trending upwards- is now the time to stock up on these high level free agents?

The Detroit Lions are headed in a positive direction that could see them contending for a Super Bowl in just a few seasons after developing some of their drafted talents and signing a few key free agents. That’s right, the Detroit Lions could be contending very soon. Meanwhile, the Rams are looking down a long, hard path of pain after trading away many of their draft picks and signing old veterans to win the Super Bowl 56, which is now more than a year behind them. These different paths could benefit the Lions in more ways than one, including having the Lions poach some of the veterans from the Rams’ Super Bowl run.

How can the Lions get these high-level players?

Getting Ramsey and Wagner would come at a steep price, a win-now-or-never type of move. The Rams paid it in full in 2021, but with another year of age under their belts, getting both Ramsey and Wagner might not be the best of options for a young Lions team looking to contend for years to come. But veteran leadership and mentoring as well as becoming a far better team might be worth it. Wagner is a free agent. Many teams in the league will be turning their eyes toward him, but his recent fall in production with the Rams might scare away some teams from paying a king’s ransom to get him just to hurt themselves financially.

The Lions have the money and cap space to pay him a reasonable fee, however, and his veteran leadership and strong production could very much be worth it. Ramsey would need a trade, however. The Lions have leverage with the Rams, as many Lions’ draft picks in the early rounds belonged to the Rams before the Matt Stafford trade. Ramsey could have questions about his personality and if it’ll fit with the culture, but he’s certainly a high-level player the Lions should at least take a look at.

Is it worth it to get Bobby Wagner?

Bobby Wagner did not make the Pro Bowl last season for the first time in years. That isn’t much of a sign that his play is diminishing, however, as he still made 1st team All-Pro which is not a feat to overlook. Wagner possesses leadership for a young team, and he could mentor players like James Houston. Wagner could also help to relieve some of the double team pressure young star Aiden Hutchinson gets on every play. With all that in mind, if the Lions want to compete now, it’s pretty worth it to spend a little cash to get Wagner.

Bobby Wagner

Is it worth it to get Jalen Ramsey?

The Lions’ secondary needs work. A lot of work. CB Jeff Okudah flashed at times but couldn’t keep down a starting role. Other than that, not much was great about the Lions’ pass coverage. Meanwhile, Jalen Ramsey is an elite cornerback. While not a true lockdown corner like he used to be, Ramsey can shut down an entire half of the field when he needs to. The scary part about acquiring Ramsey is the cost. The Lions love to draft their own talent and ingrain them with the culture. Ramsey would cost at least a first-round pick, and his personality might not fit with the Dan Campbell locker room. To acquire Ramsey would be a massive gamble.

Jalen Ramsey

So what’s the verdict?

The Lions could seriously boost their talent levels on the defensive side of the ball this off-season. However, we don’t know what GM Brad Holmes has in store for Detroit. It could be very worth it to chase after Bobby Wagner, or even Jalen Ramsey for leadership and a chance to contend. But it’s very possible the Lions choose to go the draft route and draft Devon Witherspoon or another corner in the first round. The Lions have many options to take, so we’re all staying tuned to Detroit.

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