What is in store for the Detroit Lions new helmet and uniforms in 2023?

The Detroit Lions are headed in the right direction as a franchise, and are getting new uniforms to match

There is absolutely no doubt that the Lions are going in the right direction, nearly making the playoffs last season. Their uniforms are finally going to match this upward trajectory. In 2017, the Lions updated the previous design, but after just 5 years fans have grown tired of the design, citing the boring gray color rush, words on the stripes, and flat design that doesn’t seem to bring the energy the Lions now bring to the field. The Lions don’t have anything to be superstitious about uniform wise, leaving this as the perfect time to upgrade.

The Detroit Lions are trending up, with new uniforms possible as soon as 2024

So what’s the deal with this uniform situation?

The alternate helmet is going to be revealed before the new uniforms by a year, which likely means the “uniform revamp” isn’t likely to be a huge overhaul. It can be expected that a new alternate uniform is going to replace the gray color rush currently in use by Detroit. It can also be expected that the Lions will not be changing the color scheme of Honolulu blue and silver to anything, although they are likely to add some black to the mix. We also shouldn’t expect the changes to be very drastic but should be more than a little tweak.

So what are the Lions going to look like over the next few years?

The Detroit Lions’ color scheme lends itself to many different potential combinations of uniforms, from all blue to all white, the Lions have more than enough combinations to keep things fresh year after year. In terms of alternate helmets, a black helmet would be an easy one to finish off an all-black uniform set, or a Honolulu blue helmet to create a blue top for a uniform. The Lions also have many different options for their number font as well. From the Calvin Johnson era to the simple block number font used on the throwbacks, the Lions have a lot of different fonts to pick from. However, I could see them using a more complicated block number font as seen in the concepts above to provide an extra outline effect to the jerseys, and uniforms as a whole.

What should the Lions avoid with this overhaul?

I think the Lions should avoid using too much of the black uniform, as in 2007 it was executed very poorly. The Detroit Lions attempted to make an all-black color rush in 2016, but that uniform wasn’t ever used. However, I think that with a helmet similar to the Panthers’ alternate helmet, an all-black uniform could easily work for the Lions. I also think they should avoid any truly drastic changes. The current set is pretty good, but the minor nitpicks and generally bland appearance don’t fit with the electric energy the team is looking to bring to the Motor City. I also think they shouldn’t worry about putting black on the main uniforms either.

In conclusion…

The Detroit Lions have many good options for their new uniforms come 2024, and when we see that new helmet we may likely know for certain what direction the Lions plan to take us on. Until then, we the fans can get excited to see the team play, and excited to see the new uniforms match the new, young core.

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