NHL Headlines as the 2023 playoffs get closer: Hurricanes lose Svechnikov

Auston Matthews and Sidney Crosby are some of the best players in the NHL this year. Will they be part of huge playoff runs?

Like the NBA, the NHL is getting closer to its playoff season. Contenders and pretenders have been revealed, and the season has been hectic so far. However it’s currently the most important part of the season, and we should take a look at some of these headlines and things to know as we head towards the excitement of playoff hockey.

The Carolina Hurricanes have lost Andrei Svechnikov at the worst time possible

The Carolina Hurricanes were well on their way to becoming one of the top teams in the Eastern Conference. They can bring it all on a given night, as they have a great defense and consistent goal tending. The main problem is a consistent offense, which they do not bring every night. Scoring has been a problem for the Hurricanes, and now they lost one of their best wingers. Svechnikov has scored 23 goals and 32 assists. It’s pretty clear Svechnikov had found his groove, but this ACL tear is going to keep him out through the playoffs, which is the most important time for the Hurricanes.

Sabres and Jets are teams to watch as we head into the playoffs

2 teams we thought might be on the bubble to make the NHL playoffs this off-season are actually in much better standings. The Sabres and Jets have both been playing inspired hockey with chances to jump other teams in their conferences. For the Sabres, Tage Thompson has been showing major improvement and gives them a true fighting chance on offense. For the Jets, goaltending from Connor Hellebuyck has been elite, and is propelling them to the playoff hunt.

The Best and the Worst: Bruins clinch, Sharks eliminated

The best team in the NHL so far has been the Bruins. First team to 50 wins, and the cup favorites by far. The other side of the spectrum shows the San Jose Sharks. First team to be eliminated from the playoffs. That’s a big difference, but we thought these teams might’ve been in similar boats this season. The Bruins were aging and entering a rough cap situation. The Sharks looked as though their youth could have propelled them upwards, at least before some trades sent all that away.

The NHL is ramping up, and there is a ton to look out for as we head towards the playoffs. Stay tuned for more playoff coverage and other sports news!

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