Indoor Football League Game Links

Each week we will be sharing all your Indoor Football League and Champions Indoor Football League game links. These two leagues both broadcast their games via YouTube for free where anyone can watch the games without a subscription service. With both leagues gaining popularity, jump on the bandwagon now before there is no more room!

On Friday night we have the 0-2 Green Bay Blizzard taking on the 0-1 Iowa Barnstormers. This will pit close friends Dave Mogensen and Corey Roberson in a battle of the minds. Which Coach and quarterback combination will come out on top? Does the two-quarterback system with rookie Jerome Johnson getting the starts have enough juice to carry Green Bay through this game or will DJP also known as Darius James Peterson come out on top?

In the second game of the weekend and the first on Saturday, April 1st, we have the Sioux Falls Storm and legendary coach Kurtis Riggs heading into the Vibrant Arena looking to defeat the Quad City Steamwheelers in their house. The 1-1 Steamwheelers look to build on last week’s victory, while the Storm, are playing their first game of the season in week 3.

The Frisco Fighters travel to the Rio Rancho Events Center looking to defeat the Duke City Gladiators in what is a budding rivalry for the IFL. Both teams come into this game undefeated, but only one will exit with a perfect record. Will it be the Billy Back-led Fighters soaring to a victory or will the Gladiators put their lives on the line to defend their Colesium from tasting defeat?

Starting an hour later the Vegas Knight Hawks are asked to travel into the defending Champion NAZ Wranglers’ home and play them on their turf. The Knight Hawks collected a close victory in week 2, while the Wranglers fell. Head Coach Les Moss had some adjustments to make following their week 1 loss. This game could tell us everything we need to know about the Wranglers moving forward.

Our only Sunday game this weekend, the Bay Area Panthers who barely snatched victory from the jaws of defeat in week 2, will take on the Massachusetts Pirates after they defeated Green Bay by 14 points this past weekend. This game is truly pitting two of the better teams in the league, on paper, against one another. This could prove to be a crucial matchup for both of these teams. Who will come out with the Victory in this one? Leave your predictions in the comments below!

The IFL will play a Monday night game this weekend as well. Giving us four straight days of Indoor Football League games to watch this weekend. Kicking off at 8:05 central time, the Tucson Sugar Skulls play their first game of the season against the San Diego Strike Force. The Strike Force lost a close game last week and needs to pick up a victory here against the Sugar Skulls to get back on the right track. This could be a high-scoring game with the quarterbacks expected to play in this game including 2022 rookie of the year Ramone Atkins, and San Diego’s guys in Aaron Aiken, and Demry Croft.

Join us Saturday Morning as well to go over all the latest IFL, NAL, and CIF news!

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