ELF: Week 2 Preview & Predictions

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With week two of the ELF season looming right around the corner, I figured it was now the best time to start giving my previews and predictions. I wouldn’t call myself an expert by any means, primarily because I don’t believe in the world of professional football that there are experts, and I certainly call myself the most knowledgeable, but I have watched enough football in my life to at least put together and educated synopsis and analysis. So, without further delay, here’s my week two previews and predictions!

Cologne Centurions(0-1) v. Prague Lions(0-1)

Cologne travels this week to Prague to take on the expansion Lions, who are coming off their first game ever in the ELF. While the results in week one weren’t there for the Lions, they have some positives to build on. They were pretty stout on defense, holding the Kings to just 18 points, and were in the game until late in the fourth. Cologne on the other hand, were handed a loss at the hands of the expansion Paris Musketeers. Cologne had a very slow start last week not scoring a point in the first half and the offense never quite hit the same stride that the defense did. In order for them to pull out this victory, they’ll need to duplicate the 8 sacks they achieved against Paris. Prague needs to eliminate the turnovers in order get their first franchise win.

Prediction: Prague limits the turnovers but not enough and loses another close game. Cologne 20-18

Frankfurt Galaxy(0-1) v. Fehervar Enthroners(0-1)

It was rather embarrassing for the Enthroners in week one, while American import QB Jerod Evans looked completely lost at times. The offense spurted the entire game and they were held to just three points. Frankfurt, meanwhile, didn’t fare much better against the consensus #1 team in the power rankings, as they looked completely outmatched against the Rhein Fire. Jakeb Sullivan is going to need to rebound in this game if Frankfurt wants to pull out the W. The Enthroners, and Evans, I feel are better than they showed in week one and this game could surprise people. Look for both teams to have much better outings this week.

Prediction: Jakeb Sullivan bounces back this week and the Galaxy get their first W. Frankfurt 27-17

Stuttgart Surge(0-0) v. Paris Musketeers(1-0)

Despite the victory last week, Paris was widely considered a disappointment for their performance. The offensive line was dominated most of the game and gave up an astronomical number of sacks. QB Zach Edwards was running for his life for majority of the game and they’ll need to clean that up if they want to continue their winning ways. Stuttgart didn’t have a game last week, but the Surge are much improved from a year ago. QB Reilly Hennessey is tasked with leading an offense that struggled a lot last year to score. While Paris may be an expansion team, they’re not your typical expansion team in that there isn’t high expectations and hype around the team. This could be a trap game for the Surge out of the gate.

Prediction: The Surge prove the hype is real; while Paris proves they belong. Stuttgart 31-28

Barcelona Dragons(1-0) v. Milano Seaman(0-0)

Last week the Dragons surprised a good chunk of the “experts” in the ELF, beating the expansion Helvetic Guards. This week, they’ll have to prove the nay-sayers wrong again, as they draw another expansion team. Milano didn’t play last week, but the Seaman are looking to make a statement in their ELF debut and home opener. Barcelona QB Conor Miller is going to have put another high quality performance if the Dragons want to start the season 2-0. Ranked third in a lot of QB power rankings, Luke Zahradka needs to show that the hype was warranted and he needs to make a statement to the rest of the ELF that he is here to stay.

Prediction: Milano struggles early, but closes out strong. Milano 24-18

Vienna Vikings(0-0) v. Berlin Thunder(1-0)

The Berlin Thunder come into week two after a dominating performance in week one. While the offense didn’t need to do much work because the defense was locked down, they have a much tougher challenge this week. Rolling into town is the defending ELF champions, the Vienna Vikings, who during the off-season only got stronger. It’s always dangerous when the defending champions are able to add to their roster and that’s exactly what the Vikings were able accomplish. The Thunder’s best hope at keeping this game close and not getting out of hand is to try and confuse QB Chris Helbig with pressure and disguised converages; if they don’t, it’s going to be a long day for Berlin.

Prediction: Berlin keeps it close, but Vienna eventually opens it up. Vienna 33-21

Wroclaw Panthers(1-0) v. Leipzig Kings(1-0)

In week one, the Panthers shocked me. I was definitely not expecting that kind of offense performance from them. The two late additions in QB Matthew Vitale and WR Tony Tate proved to be great moves by the front office, as they torched the Hamburg defense, The Kings, in contrast, didn’t perform offensively nearly as well they would have liked and it almost cost them the game against the Prague Lions. Turnovers were a killer for the Kings in week one, and they’ll definitely need to correct that if they want to have a chance to win this game. QB Kenyatte Allen needs to be a difference maker for Leipzig.

Prediction: Wroclaw continues their dominance over Leipzig. Wroclaw 34-20

Raiders Tirol(1-0) v. Helvetic Guards(0-1)

The Raiders Tirol were absolutely sensational in week one, on offense. QB Christian Strong and WR Jarvis McClam looked the part of a QB-WR duo who has played together since high school. Having the benefit of playing their second straight expansion team, I don’t expect the Raiders to drop another 59-burger on their opponent. And it will definitely be hard for McClam to duplicate his 435 all-purpose yards that he put together in week one. The Guards will have to take advantage of the Raiders suspect defense. In week one, Munich was able to keep pace with the Raiders offensively in the first half, but second half adjustments got the better of them. Guards QB Colin Hill is going to have to eliminate all the turnovers in this game if they want a chance to beat the Raiders.

Prediction: Raiders prove their offense is legit but don’t get 59 again. Raiders 34-17

Rhein Fire(1-0) v. Hamburg Sea Devils(0-1)

The Rhein Fire looked the part of being the favorites to win the 2023 ELF Championship in week one. The Fire were able to open their game up early and put a lot of distance between themselves and their opponent. QB Jadrian Clark proved that he’s the right guy to lead, what appears to be, the most complete team this season. The Sea Devils fought hard in their first week against the Panthers, but ultimately the defense couldn’t contain the combination of Vitale and Tate. The secondary was rocky from the start and they had trouble getting pressure on the QB. They’ll need a better gameplan this week if they want to upset the Fire.

Prediction: This could be the biggest blowout of the weekend. Rhein 42-16

Well, there you have it. My first attempt at a little preview and predictions. As the season goes on and I’m more knowledgeable with the teams and players, the previews will have a little more depth to them. But for now, this will have to do. I’ll see you for Week 3!

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