CFL: Week 8 Previews & Predictions

So, week seven was truly the lucky number! I did it. I finally did it. After failing in the first six weeks, I predicted the outcome of every game, going 4-0 in the CFL. But, with that said, my work is not done. I shall continue on trucking to now try and remained undefeated for the rest of the year(ha! I know that’s not probable).

Hamilton Tiger-Cats(2-4) v. Ottawa Redblacks(3-3)

We start the week off with one of the most intriguing matchups on the schedule. Hamilton comes into the week with great news: it was announced that starting QB Bo Levi Mitchell will be back this week. The news comes at a perfect time for the Ticats, as they were down to third string rookie Taylor Powell, who played decently last week, but in a losing effort. The Redblacks have officially entered the magical kingdom.

Last week’s game against Calgary was the second straight comeback OT victory for the team under rookie QB Dustin Crum. The Legend of the Crum continues this week and there probably isn’t a hotter team in the league than Ottawa. The one downfall to the two recent victories is that they’ve relied on late game heroics in order to seal the W. The Ticats are looking to turn their season around and getting back Mitchell is only the start for them. The last two weeks they have watched their defense give up a ton of yards and points. if they want to beat the Redblacks, again, they’ll need the defensive performance they received the first time these two played where they held Ottawa to just 13 points.

Prediction: The Legend of the Crum continues; Mitchell struggles early. Ottawa 27-23

Saskatchewan Roughriders(3-3) v. Toronto Argonauts(5-0)

Speaking of QB issues, the Roughriders limp into the game this week against Toronto. QB Mason Fine got the start last week and should return to his place under Center this week. It wasn’t the best of showings last week for Fine and the Riders as they only accumulated 9 points. Fine threw two interceptions and no touchdowns as the game against BC got away from them. On the positive side of the coin, the Roughriders defense looked really good in slowing the BC offense and held them to a humbling 19 points.

RB Jamal Morrow was held to less than one yard a carry, however, as the offense couldn’t come close to duplicating the defense’s efforts. It doesn’t get better this week as they travel to Toronto to take on the defending champions. QB Chad Kelly is looking like the front runner for MVP and the Argos are looking poised to make another championship run. They have the most complete team in the league to this point and I don’t know when they’ll slow down.

Prediction: Toronto dominates; Fine struggles again. Toronto 36-18

BC Lions(5-1) v. Edmonton Elks(0-7)

Last week I was extremely harsh in my preview about the Elks. This week, it won’t get much better. As long as the Elks continue to roll out Taylor Cornelius as their quarterback, they won’t win a game this season. Ok, that’s a bit exaggerated, because we all know it’s likely that they’ll pull off a victory at some point this season.

This week, at home, where they’ve lost 20 straight games, they welcome in one of the best overall teams in the league and the team that may have the best defense. The Lions are roaring right now, and the defensive side of the ball has been their best strength. That spells disaster, in several different languages, for the Elks offense. I don’t know when head coach Chris Jones will remove his head from his back side and see the light, but don’t expect that 20 game home losing streak to come to end this week.

Prediction: Lions roll. BC 34-17

Calgary Stampeders(2-4) v. Montreal Alouettes(2-3)

This game might be the game of the week, which is an odd thing to say about two teams with losing records. The Alouettes have played really solid ball all year; they pushed Toronto two weeks ago and were competitive in most of the game against BC in week 5. One of the most underrated teams in the league, they just haven’t quite found their stride this season and look to use the young Stamps as their launching point for the turnaround.

Jake Maier on the other hand has spent the last two weeks really finding some rhythm in an offense that spurted out of the gate. They unloaded 41 points last week against the Redblacks, but the defense got Crummed(this is unlikely to catch on, but I’m going to do everything I can to make it happen). The Stamps steady improvement is signs that things are moving in the right direction, despite the news that Head Coach Dave Dickinson said that changes will be coming over the next few weeks. Just don’t make too many changes, Coach, the team is starting to find it’s footing.

Prediction: Calgary delays the change deadline; Montreal falls just short. Calgary 31-28

I’m not very confident in the first and last picks this week as either of those games could go either way. Hamilton could possibly find the magic that’s been missing with Mitchell back under Center and Montreal could come out and lay the wood right to Calgary after the emotional loss last week. We’ll see how it goes for me, but to say I’m 100% confident in these picks would be a downright lie.

~Michael Washington

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