IFL Championship 2023 Predictions

IFL championship

It’s time for the IFL to crown it’s champion. After a season full of all the excitement football indoors has to offer, the premier league is down to just two teams to duke it out and get the title. The Bay Area Panthers and Sioux Falls Storm will be the teams playing in Las Vegas August 5th. Who will win it all? Shady Sports Network attempts predict the winner.

The Teams

The Sioux Falls Storm have been a solid team all year, with solid play on both sides of the ball all year long. They have been a consistently good team with a hall of fame coach as they won the IFL’s eastern conference. The Bay Area Panthers won just a single game last year. This year, with a better coaching staff and MVP candidate Dalton Sneed, the team was able to win the Western Conference. This is a match up of very evenly matched teams. The Storm finished the regular season 11-6 and the Panthers finished 12-5. Both coaches are incredibly good, making this more than just a match on the field, as this will also be a game of scheming and coaching.

Sam Shady’s Prediction

This was a surprising outcome from the conference championship game. Watching Frisco fall to Sioux Falls by just one point was shocking, and it in my opinion just shows how important this season is for the Storm players. With the news that Lorenzo Brown the starting quarterback, and Kurtis Riggs the head coach will be retiring after the season, it seems their Storm teammates are taking this stretch run personally.

With the Storm on a roll and stuffed full of momentum thanks to some great victories in the last two weeks to get to this point, the Panthers certainly will have their hands full. If any coaching staff is prepared, and will have their team ready to win, it is Bay Area whose coaching staff in my humble opinion deserved the coach of the year honors that went to Hurtis Chinn of Tucson. With Dixie Wooten overseeing the offense, and Rob Keefe instituting his Keefense, the Panthers have found their stride following the dismissal of Darren Arbet the head coach when the season began. With all of this in mind, I have to pick Sioux Falls. Destiny seems to be on their side, plus I think the diehard fans of the IFL will love to see Kurtis Riggs, arguably the greatest IFL coach of all-time win another Championship to close out his career. What a career it’s been.

Jake H’s Prediction

This is such an exciting game between teams roughly equal. I see this as a close back and forth battle all the way to the end. Dalton Sneed of the Panthers is an elite football player, and this could be his last game before he moves on to the outdoors game. The Hall of Fame coaching from Sioux Falls will be no easy foe for Bay area. They have momentum with a comeback win vs Frisco in the conference finals, and a solid all-around game. However, seeing the worst to first story of the Panthers and the top tier QB play, I have to give this one to the Panthers.

However, I can’t give it to them easily. The final score may be something wild like 54-58, and I officially say it, Dalton Sneed runs it in for a last second TD to seal the game for the Panthers. the Storm will put up a major fight, and may end up winning it all. This is going to be entertaining, and will become a landmark game for the league.

Krish Vyas’s Prediction

The Indoor Football league Championship is upon us. Countless hours of hard work and energy by all the teams and respective coaching staffs. Now stand the final two. Hailing from San Jose California, The Bay Area Panthers. From the mountains and valleys of South Dakota The Sioux Falls Storm. The storybook season for the Sioux Falls Storm has been something unexpected. As A member of the Massachusetts Pirates I have the upmost respect for Coach Riggs and the organization. In my opinion this season will come to a close with a loss.

I believe the Bay Area Panthers are more prepared for this match up. They have not one but two Coaches with Championships under their belt. Not to mention Dalton Sneed has been playing at an outdoor level. I see this as a career defining game for Sneed. There are going to be many scouts at the game and watching on Tv. Especially playing in the state in which he attended college. This is his opportunity to make his name know World Wide. My key to this game is going to have to be the run game. I am predicting a Bay Area Win 45-32, With Sneed winning MVP.


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