Congratulations to Coach Kurtis Riggs 

In many sports leagues, there is a debate at the top of nearly every category. Everyone has their own idea of who the “GOAT” is. In the Indoor Football League, there’s always been one category that stood without question. Ask anyone who the greatest IFL coach currently in the game is, and 9 times out of 10 you’ll hear Kurtis Riggs.

Kurtis Riggs

Resume of Success

Looking back at the resume of Kurtis Riggs some of his numbers are nearly unbelievable. Coaching 19 seasons, Riggs and his teams have won 11 championships, and he was hoping to add number 12 in his final season in the IFL. At one point he led the Storm to 40 straight wins, a streak that stands as the longest in professional sports history and amounted to two full seasons worth of games. 

Since the Storm have entered the IFL, Riggs has a record of 149-35. Prior to that he had a 70-18 record in the National Indoor Football League, and United Indoor Football. collectively Riggs walked into the 2023 season with a record of 217-53. Since then Sioux Falls managed an 9-6 record meaning Riggs has cleared the 225 career win mark. Standing at a regular season record of 226-59. His legend only grows when you discuss his playoff success. 

Riggs and his Storm made it to the Championship game every season from 2010-2019. A decade straight. Losing just twice. In his entire indoor football coaching career he has missed the playoffs just once in 2022 on the heels of an 8-8 season. He has collectively managed a 38-6 record in the playoffs and a 11-5 record in Championship games. Long after Riggs walks into the sunset these records will stand, it takes a special coach to last over 20 seasons in the same location as the head coach, and nearly 25 years overall when you consider his two year playing career.

It’s possible a coach could someday match these feats, but it will take a near miracle for it to happen with one team. For that fact alone, Riggs could stand as one of the faces on the IFL’s coaching Mount Rushmore for many years to come. 

Words from his Players

Aaron Dilworth-Played for Storm in 22:

“He is a Great coach, knows the game very well. Gave me my first pro shot couldn’t be more grateful for Coach Riggs. We didn’t always see eye to eye but will forever have respect and love for the Sioux Falls Storm and the Riggs Family.”

Undraez Lilly-Played for Storm in 22/23:

“First thing I will say about coach is he’s a winner everything he does is geared toward winning he’s also has a psychology degree I do believe so he’s good at challenging his players and knowing how to get the best out of them and that just comes from his experience. His ability to win so much and have so much history of that makes wears off on us players because we believe he can lead us to the championship because he has done it so many times before”

Carlos Thompson-Played for Storm in 22:

“He’s a great man, leader and coach, that’s doesnt allow his players to slack off on the field or in life, in the one year that i was with coach riggs he laid the foundation for me to not only be successful in football but in anything that i choose to do with my life, im thankful for the year that i had with coach riggs and want to send nothin but well wishes to him.”

Warren Thomas-Played for Storm in 22

“Coach Riggs was great he’s good at being locked in and serious then knows how to switch up and be loose you can tell he cares about the game deeply. I deeply appreciate him giving me and many other small school guys a chance.”

Austin Neufeld Current Kicker

“He brings an understanding of not only how to play the game but an understanding of what his players are capable of in different situations. He carries the demeanor that we will win. Day by day, we get better and better, until we can’t be beat, won’t be beat. Winners win, they find a way regardless of what’s stacked against the. If the odds are against him a million to one, he will find a way to make that one time happen. A true legend, the most reliable/trust worthy coach in the IFL. Wouldn’t be where I am today without his guidance.

Going Out With a Championship Appearance

Kurtis Riggs after two decades with the Sioux Falls Storm, has appeared in his 16th championship. It wouldn’t have been right to see Riggs retire without appearing in a game that he has been to 15 times before during his career. It is clear his players have taken it to heart to get him to another win, unfortunately they fell just short in this pursuit. Congratulations to all these players for an amazing season.

Final Thought

Congratulations to Coach Riggs in whatever his next endeavors entail. Rumors were mentioned during the Championship Broadcast that he could be looking at taking a job with Washington where a former colleague now works. Comments by Lorenzo Brown also hinted at a job in coaching could both men be headed for a new role in a new state?


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