Today’s Show Lineup!

It’s an extremely busy day here at Shady Sports Network. With two articles already dropped and a minimum of four shows!


First up is our morning show Snowman in the Morning with Cole Johnson every weekday at 10 am ET.

Next up we have our newest addition to Shady Sports Network. A dedicated show about the San Francisco 49ers, Niner Nuts!! Join them at 9 AM ET.

Don’t miss our special Announcement episode for Prime Cuts of Omaha Beef! In this episode we finally put to bed any rumors of where the Beef will play in 2024. You don’t want to miss this!

As well as the Brian Snow Show at 3 pm ET!

Also our resident Philadelphia Eagles Experts on Eagles Elite takes you through the latest news from the Eagles. Tune in Every Wednesday at 8:30 pm ET!

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