B1G and BIG 12 have officially killed the PAC 12….. What happens now?

With BIG moves having been made over the last week, we have seen our first conference become extinct since the Big East disappeared, at least in football. What chain of events happens next?

Colorado leaves the PAC for the Big 12

Colorado leaving for the Big 12 just so happens to be the first, but likely not only, domino to fall from the worst media rights deal proposal anyone has ever seen. I do not fully blame the Buffaloes for leaving the mighty “conference of champions”. The university wanted security and stability for their athletics. The Buffaloes have made recent moves to show that they want to be a contender and a media rights deal that is streaming only, outside of one game a week, doesn’t help the buffs or any program. This move seemed to be the move that in the end destroyed and decimated the PAC 12 conference.

Oregon leaves the PAC for the Big Ten

As more and more dominoes begin to fall, the next move was Oregon. “The Ducks won’t leave, they can’t leave, because they love the PAC” seemed to be all of what Oregon fans were saying for a period of time. Ducks fans seemed to be back and forth about the possibility of leaving the conference, once it was accepted, some of the fan base wanted to go wherever the most PAC schools were. The Ducks embraced coming to the Midwest and Big Ten country. The program coming over to the Big Ten was the best move, because it’s top tier competition and “if you want to be the best, you gotta beat the best.” as people always say. It is famously known to be said by WWE superstar Ric Flair. This move overall seems to be the best move by the program.

Washington leaves the PAC for the Big Ten

Washington was the next domino, as it was a packaged deal, with Oregon to come over to the Big Ten. Washington, like Oregon, brings strength to the B1G. This is a smarter move for Washington as every eyeball is on the B1G conference at all times. This move, the package deal, was likely to happen anyway, after the conference got USC & UCLA the previous year. Many people in the conference, myself included, said they needed west coast teams to help & be nice to our new programs, schedule wise. There is so much that the Huskies, like the Ducks bring to the conference. This move actually strengthens the Big Ten conference.

Arizona leaves the PAC for the Big 12

Arizona was the next program to leave the conference of champions. Once you saw Arizona leave, we all knew there was only one of two ways this was gonna end, either the PAC rebounds from this and pulls together a conference or more teams leave and the conference dies. Which one do you think happened? Arizona brings a new region to the Big 12 and it is a plus for both the program and the conference. This move has positives written all over it.

Arizona State leaves the PAC 12 for the Big 12

Arizona State was the next domino to fall in the demise of the PAC. By now, it is well known that the PAC as a conference is dead, even with one final domino left to fall. The PAC is no more at this point. The Sun Devils were part of the third packaged deal to leave the conference. The only way the Big 12 was going to get Arizona was to also bring along ASU. Arizona State was kind of a hold out for the Big 12. They wanted to wait until the 11th hour to announce that they were leaving the PAC. The fan base is ready for this move and are excited to be taking on the challenge of the Big 12.

Utah leaves the PAC 12 for the Big 12

The Utah Utes become the last…… at this point, program to leave the PAC. Where did Utah go? They were the final piece in the HUGE four corners move by the Big 12. Everything in everything says this is the right move. I do think Utah is a better fit for the Big 12, rather than the B1G. The Utes are a program that is coming back to relevancy, in its own way, as they look to become a 3-peat PAC champion. Can Utah go out on top?

What happens next? Where do we go from here?

The PAC has officially been destroyed and it is bitter sweet that it is all their own fault. Do we see more moves before it’s all said and done? I think we do and we will be here through it all to bring you coverage on all things college football. Stay tuned right here for all your cfb coverage.


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