NBA: Where could the league expand in the near future?

NBA Expansion

It seems inevitable that the NBA will expand beyond 30 teams sometime soon. The league is one of the most popular in the world, and having just 30 teams doesn’t seem like it will last when the status quo is turning towards 32 and beyond. There are many locations that are primed for the league to place a future team. In fact, it’s been hinted at that Adam Silver may be talking about adding some teams to the biggest basketball league the world has to offer. Today, Shady Sports breaks down where these teams may be playing, and providing some insight into why these locations would work for basketball.

Seattle: The Perfect Homecoming


If there’s one location that’s sure to get an NBA team, it’s the former home to the Supersonics. Seattle had their team ripped away in 2008, but it seems as though all signs point towards a Supersonics revival. Climate Pledge arena, which was one of the worse arenas in the league at the time of the Sonics departure, is newly renovated, and much higher quality. The fans are ready to pack the 18,300 arena, and support a brand new team. The NBA is hosting some preseason games this year in Seattle, perhaps this is a test run for a future return to the Emerald City. With the Kraken’s arrival, it’s a great time to bring back the Sonics.

Las Vegas: A Sure Bet for Expansion

Las Vegas

The city of Las Vegas once was never going to be considered as a sports superpower. Now, with the arrival of everything from Indoor football to the NFL and NHL, as well as being a potential site for the MLB, and MLS, everything has changed. Pro basketball seems like it could succeed in the 18,000 seat T-Mobile arena. The city is fully behind their WNBA team, the Aces, and the NBA has summer league showcases and a G league team playing in the metro area. The only thing missing would be a true NBA franchise itself.

Kansas City: A Hidden Gem in the Midwest

Kansas City

You might not know it, but Kansas City actually has some basketball history to tell. Kansas City was once home to the Kings a long time ago, but lack of success in that market caused them to leave for Sacramento instead. This may have been due to the Kings splitting time playing in Omaha, Nebraska as well as Kansas City through 1978, which could easily harm fan support. Now, with a 18,972 seat T-Mobile Center in the city, they could be on track to gain NBA traction in the near future.

Buffalo: A New Team on Lake Erie?


The city of Buffalo once hosted an NBA team called the Buffalo Braves, until their owner swapped with the Boston Celtics and moved the team to the better weather in San Diego and later Los Angeles. This removed a well supported squad from Buffalo, and it’s a surprise more people don’t want to see a Braves return. KeyBank Center in Buffalo seats 19,200 people, and could easily play host to a pro basketball franchise in one of the most sports loving cities there is.

San Diego: Loading Southern California with Basketball

San Diego

Just as recently as this summer, rumors have been swirling about seeing pro basketball move to San Diego. They previously hosted the Rockets and Clippers, but each team did eventually leave. Now, San Diego may be a solid landing spot for the league if they do choose to expand beyond 30 teams. Southern California loves their basketball, but have to split between the Clippers and Lakers, who don’t play in their city. Maybe an original team could solve San Diego’s dilemma of which team to root for.

What cities do you think could host an NBA team in the future? Be sure to let us know in the comments!

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