Brandon Brooks, CB, Houston Gamblers Interview Tonight

Join us as we speak with new USFL Cornerback Brandon Brooks. Brooks played in the FCF in 2022 but finds himself with the Houston Gamblers for the 2023 season. Catching the eye of Kevin Sumlin’s staff is no small feat. Brooks once looked to the XFL Showcases for an opportunity, one that somehow ended up coming from another league entirely.

Heading into the 2023 season the Gamblers defense was gutted by the NFL, and XFL. Both leagues poached players left, right, and center. However men like Brandon were called upon to be the “next man up” in Houston to fill the voids left by 2022 All-USFL players leaving.

Names like Will Likely, Donald Payne Jr., Reggie Northrop and more all left Houston and followed the bulk of their 2022 coaching staff that lept to the XFL as well. The rebuild in Houston has begun, and changing the culture was priority #1.

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