USFL Season 2 Uniform Grades:

The USFL is returning for a second season, but the league is going to look a little different. Rumors of alternate uniforms, the Maulers switching colors, the Bandits going on hiatus in favor of the Showboats. There’s been a lot of turnover. Today, I’ll go over and grade every teams uniform, and take a peek at what their new alternate uniforms look like, as well as grade the Bandits since they are only on hiatus. They will be graded based off their overall look, and my opinion of them, as well as the general consensus about them. Let’s dive right into the grades!

Tampa Bay Bandits: B+

The Bandits had a pretty nice thing going with their uniforms in 2022, with a nice color scheme and equally nice logo. Their uniforms used the color scheme pretty well, and everything was just overall decent. The main thing I don’t like about the uniforms is how the side stripe abruptly cuts itself off right underneath the sleeve. This does feel like a minor nitpick, but it certainly doesn’t fit. Unfortunate for us, the Bandits aren’t here for season 2, since I would love to see an alternate uniform with this design, especially a Bandits Blackout. While making the concept, I learned a blackout in full looked off, so I gave it a red alternate helmet to balance it all out. When the Bandits return, they have a solid set of uniforms to come back to.

Birmingham Stallions: A-

The Stallions are a team that can be good looking no matter what situation you put them in. Their current uniforms are a nice modern/retro mix, and I think this team could be in the market for a modern color rush type of uniform with a complete mix-up. The Stallions can be the total package when it comes to possible design options, not to mention the already appealing logo and color scheme.

New Orleans Breakers: A

The Breakers are a team with the perfect color scheme to do some really creative stuff, and also some really creative uniforms in general. The Breakers are filled to the brim with uniform and logo potential, and probably will be one of my favorite teams to make concepts for in the future. They just look so nice and slick on the field, and I hope the team keeps this current identity for a long time.

Houston Gamblers: B-

The Gamblers are a team that isn’t really taking full advantage of their uniforms, considering the awesome red and black color combo they can go with. Instead there’s a lot of grey, and while black isn’t a bad choice, it leaves a lot to be desired as a primary uniform. Maybe this season, a red alternate uniform will surface, and perhaps some black pants as well. The Gamblers have a ton of potential when the league allows alternate uniforms, but for now they get a solid B-.

Pittsburgh Maulers: B*

The Maulers have a very interesting set of uniforms, and after their recent color change, they might be going to a new set entirely. Yet if they stay with the shoulder yolks in the new color formatting, they’ll be one of the more solid looking teams in the league. I quite liked the design before, with the purple and orange, but donning the black and gold will help the Maulers connect with the city a lot better. If the Maulers go with new uniforms in the future, perhaps their grade will change.

Philadelphia Stars: A-

The Stars have one of the best uniform sets in the league in my opinion, as they do something completely new with their uniforms and have a modern twist to them which I really like. I appreciate the red-on-yellow home set they have. The only things that’ll make them better is a true alternate uniform. An all red color rush like the one that I made (or any decent alternate uniform in general) would round this set up to an A+.

Michigan Panthers: B+

My Panthers are a pretty nice team with their uniforms. The helmets tie into the logo really well and the color scheme oddly works. There’s a lot of potential for alternate uniforms ranging from tan to color rush maroon to even a full blue uniform as hinted by Reggie Corbin, and I plan on releasing a concept of that soon. However as it stands the uniforms are pretty average and don’t really stand out. Just safe, classic uniforms. Hopefully some alternates come out soon.

New Jersey Generals: B+

The Generals are a pretty nice team, with average uniforms. While I do like the color scheme, I find the lack of a blue alternate uniform weird. I’ve unfortunately lost the file of the blue alternate uniform concept in the shuffle of moving, but I do plan on remaking it. The Generals would benefit from having any alternate uniform, since they currently just have very bland and normal uniforms.

Memphis Showboats: N/A

The Showboats haven’t unveiled their uniforms yet as of making this article, but there’s been quite a few concepts floating around, and I’m proud to say I was one of the first to make them. However, as we don’t know what they are, there’s no official grade to give them.

That just about wraps up the uniform grades for USFL season 2! This league is shaping up to be a great one, and the teams will be looking pretty good out on the field this spring.

All of Jake’s uniform concept contributions can be found on the Network on this page. Be sure to stay tuned to see all the latest USFL concepts and more

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