Welcome back NFL Fans! The NFL Conference Championships are behind us, and it’s time to recalculate the NFL Predictions for Super Bowl 57. @TheBrysh Power Rankings (PR’s) are calculated using a proprietary algorithm, @TheBrysh Power Rankings are used to calculate weekly predictions. NFL Conference Championship predictions for @TheBrysh were 2/2, for a season total of 174/281 or 62% on straight up wins. Super Bowl Point Spreads are courtesy of wannamakeabet.com and are accurate at the time of writing.


San Francisco 49ers @ Philadelphia Eagles This game had a lot of hype going into it, two weeks before San Francisco looked like the strongest team in the NFC and Philly was kind of an unknown having an extra week off. With the Eagles absolutely demolishing the Giants 38-7 and the 49ers squeaking past the Cowboys, the roles had reversed for these teams. San Fran was still feared defensively and the Eagles had established a dynamic offence, who would win between the irresistible force and the immovable object?

The game’s conclusion was telegraphed in the first quarter, when Philadelphia scored on the opening possession and the 49ers sputtered and lost starting QB Brock Purdy to an elbow injury. San Francisco answered with a 23 yard TD run by RB Christian McCaffrey, but the Eagles were unfazed and went into halftime with a 21-7 lead. The second half was no better for San Fran as they lost backup QB Josh Johnson, the ‘Niners were incapacitated and Philly cruised to a 31-7 win.

Cincinnati Bengals @ Kansas City Chiefs Leading up to this faceoff, the oddsmakers had shifted the spread to declare the Bengals as favourites, @TheBrysh Power Rankings maintained that the Chiefs had the advantage. The Bengals were facing the challenge of a decimated offensive line, while Kansas City QB Patrick Mahomes was nursing a high ankle sprain. With such disadvantages, which of these powerhouses would gain a Super Bowl appearance?

The crowd at Arrowhead Stadium witnessed a first half of football that started slowly, mainly because both Mahomes and Cincy QB Joe Burrow were pressured or uncomfortable. To start the second half, the teams traded touchdowns and the Bengals capitalized on a Mahomes fumble to tie the game in the 4th Quarter. With seconds remaining, Mahomes scrambled for a first down, and with a 15 yard penalty for a late hit, the Chiefs sealed a 23-20 victory.


Kansas City Chiefs vs. Philadelphia Eagles


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Written by: Jack Cameron @TheBrysh

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