Kordell Jackson: Working his way up into becoming an IFL star

Kordell Jackson IFL

Here at the Shady Sports Network, we love putting the spotlight on some unknown players in relatively small leagues like the IFL, and today I decided to showcase a personal favorite of mine, Kordell Jackson.

Kordell’s collegiate career

Kordell Jackson managed to have a successful college career with Austin Peay, as he started multiple times as a freshman and became a standout defensive back for his 5 seasons in college. He was able to do it all from breaking up passes to getting tackles in the backfield, Jackson was amazing at what he did. He was often on the stat sheet, and his career stats are nothing short of impressive. He put in work to make sure he was the best player he could be, but his college career was marred by an injury in his senior year.

Jackson gets a chance

Spending 2022 trying to get into the NFL via the combine and getting drafted, but his talent was overlooked, and he went undrafted. Jackson also attended a few NFL mini-camps, but wasn’t able to stick on a roster. He did everything he could, but was still overlooked by the NFL.

However, he wasn’t overlooked by the IFL’s Frisco Fighters when they were looking to bolster their defense. Frisco signed Jackson to be a DB for the team in hopes that he would shine and better his game within the arena football walls. Looking for an opportunity to see the NFL field in the future, Jackson agreed.

Making an impact in the IFL

Now with a professional football team, Kordell has taken his chance and is running with it. He is an interception machine able to make plays, and he’s also a solid tackler with 57 total tackles through July 7th 2023, and likely more by the time you see this. (Here’s a link to his stats if you would like an updated tracker) Jackson has been a highlight reel on the defensive side of the ball for Frisco, and he’s making his mark on the alternative football scene. With the IFL’s partnership with the XFL, Jackson could have a major opportunity to make it in a higher tier league.

Kordell Jackson is a hard worker, and his impact has been felt among the indoor football world. The Frisco Fighters are 12-2 through July 7th, and their defense has been strong all year. He has been able to become a notable face on that defensive front which is the top seed in the eastern conference. He looks to make his impact felt in the upcoming playoffs, which could help elevate him to another level.

Whatever challenges he may face, Kordell Jackson is always there to work hard and overcome. I look forward to seeing how his career progresses, and he will always have a host of supporters following his journey and rooting for him the whole way through.

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