Shannon Patrick, Tommy Auger, Zachery Curry, and Antonio Wimbush

In this interview we speak with four players hailing from three different football leagues, in three different countries.

First up is quarterback Shannon “The Cannon” Patrick. Shannon was a rookie in 2023 with the Reyes in the LFA. Second on the list is tight end/long snapper Tommy Auger. Tommy also just wrapped up his season in the LFA with the Fundidores. Both of these men finished in the top ten in several major categories, and found their teams on deep playoff runs losing in the game just before the championship.

Our third player plays in a football league that we had not yet discussed on this channel, so this interview is more infomercial for the D1 Elite French football league than it is a true run down of Zachery Curry’s career. Curry is a defensive end by trade, but mentions he is capable of playing linebacker, fullback, or tight end if needed as well.

Finally last, but certainly not least, running back Antonio Wimbush from the Iowa Barnstormers. A man who would likely dominate in a league like the LFA, or D1 Elite. Wimbush is an interesting case of production at a high level, whose career was halted by covid. Playing for the Indoor Football League, Wimbush has been dominant, and looks to try to get back outdoors long term.

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